ISS over Campbelltown

2014-05-30 ISS Flyover
2014-05-30 ISS Flyover

The International Space Station orbiting over suburban Sydney on 30th May 2014 at a height of 423 km and a distance of 915 km. Magnitude -1.1.

The stars are streaked by the rotation of the Earth during the 79 sec exposure. The brightest trail is the planet Jupiter (mag -1.4). The bright star upper left is Procyon in Canis Major. Pollux is to the right of Jupiter.

I’ve taken a number of images as the the International Space Station passes over but it is not the easiest of objects. Yes, it’s comparable in brightness to Saturn and Jupiter but that light spreads over a wide angle, so it appears dimmer by comparison on a time lapse photograph.

This image taken on my Canon 60D, FL=24mm 79 sec, f/7.1, ISO 400.




All images © R.Powell


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