Partial Solar Eclipse

2014-04-29 Partial Eclipse 1
2014-04-29 Partial Eclipse 1

These images are from the partial solar eclipse seen here in NSW on 29th April 2014. As is so often the case, it was very cloudy and with the Sun very close to the horizon, so I saw only glimpses of the event.

However, I did manage a couple of images through the murk, with my Lunt solar telescope, during the early stages of the eclipse. The one above was ok but you need to look closer at the second one below to see the greater extent of the Moon silhouetted against the Sun as the clouds took control:

2014-04-29 Partial Eclipse 2
2014-04-29 Partial Eclipse 2

Totality was visible in the Antarctic region as an annular eclipse.


 All images © R.Powell

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