Deep Sky & Solar System

Some more astro-images I have taken over the last month, including a telescopic image of the amazing Orion Nebula (M42); the return of Venus to the evening sky; and some starscapes taken from our observing field after sunset.

2015-03-14 5x30 sec 2000mm f10 iso1600
2015-03-14 Messier Object M42: The Orion Nebula – 5×30 sec 2000mm f/10 ISO 1600

The Orion Nebula is a massive gas and dust cloud, twenty-four light years in diameter, containing new born stars. This is just a portion of it.

2015-02-23 Moonscape
2015-02-23 Moonscape

The street lights are on, dim clouds streak the sky,
The stars interposed and the Sun’s said goodbye,
The Moon like it’s Full, is up there on high,
But it’s over-exposed and the picture’s a lie.

(The fifteen second exposure has created an illusion: the Full Moon could never be this close to the setting Sun. A shorter exposure would show that it was a four day old crescent Moon).

2015-03-05 Venus 1
2015-03-05 Venus  Returns

After spending a few months in the Moring sky, Venus has returned to our evening sky.

2015-03-06 Venus
2015-03-06 Venus Returns

A telescopic image would show Venus as a small disc shaped object but over the next few months it will get large and become increasingly crescent shaped until it overtakes Earth and passes into the morning sky again.

The following starscapes were taken with  a tripod mounted camera, with no sideral correction:

2015-03-14 Stargard Twilight - Centaurus & Crux Rising
2015-03-14 Twilight Starscape – Centaurus & Crux Rising
2015-03-14 Stargard Twilight - Western Clouds
2015-03-14 Twilight Starscape – Western Clouds and Stars
2015-03-14 Stargard Twilight - Eastern Starscape
2015-03-14 Twilight Starscape – Eastern View
2015-03-14 Stargard Twilight - Crux Centaurus & Carina in the Clouds
2015-03-14 Twilight Landscape – Crux Centaurus & Carina in the Clouds
2015-03-14 Stargard Twilight - Centaurus Rising
2015-03-14 Twilight Landscape – Centaurus Rising. The two Pointers (centre) and Omega Centauri (left of centre)


All images © R.Powell

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