Conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter

2015-06-20 Moon Venus Jupiter 18mm.      (c) R.Powell

On 20th June 2015 the crescent Moon passed close to Venus and Jupiter, forming a neat little triangle in the upper right of the first image just after sunset.

2015-06-20 Moon Venus Jupiter 105mm
2015-06-20 Moon Venus Jupiter 105mm. Click to enlarge.        (c) R.Powell

Enlarge the second image to see three of the moons of Jupiter.

Whilst astronomers do not normally like clouds, there were some wispy clouds in the field of view, which improved the visual impact.

The separation between the two planets is around twelve degrees in this image but Jupiter is currently closing the gap on Venus. On 1st July 2015 they will be separated by only about half a degree (a Moon diameter).

On 19th July the Moon will be passing near them again.

All images © R.Powell

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