Andromeda Galaxy M31

M31 never rises more than fifteen degrees above the horizon here in Sydney and every November in recent years I’ve told myself to make an effort to take a decent wide angle image containing M31.

This year I left it too late again, due to lack of opportunities. However, I did manage one image while I was testing the performance of my new SkyWatcher Star Adventurer camera mount:

2015-12-04 Andromeda M31
2015-12-04 Andromeda M31 10sec 50mm f/2.5 ISO 2000. M31 is slightly left of upper centre.

The light from the M31 galaxy takes 2.5 mega years to reach us.

Image taken in suburban SW Sydney, looking generally through Sydney’s light pollution and before complete darkness had set in, as M31 was sinking low in the sky.

Maybe next year………….

All images © R.Powell



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