2011 – Deep Sky

Star clusters M45 (Pleiades) in Taurus, M37 in Auriga and the Jewel Box NGC4555 in Crux.

Emission Nebula in Eta Carina (NGC 3372) and the Coalsack dark nebula (C99) in Crux.

Bright stars Betelgeuse and Apha Centauri; the The Large Magellanic Cloud; and a wide field view of the Crux constellation.

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2011-02-26 M45 Pleiedes in Taurus
2011-02-26 M45 Pleiades in Taurus
2011-04-09 Eta Carina Region 3x30 sec f2.8 100mm ISO1600 DSS PS CR
2011-04-09 Eta Carina Region 3×30 sec f/2.8 100mm ISO1600 dss ps cr
2011-01-29 Betelgeuse
2011-01-29 Betelgeuse
2011-04-09 Omega Centauri Region 60 sec
2011-04-09 Omega Centauri Region 60 sec
2011-09-17 Alpha Centauri With Bahtinov Mask
2011-09-17 Alpha Centauri With Bhatinov Mask
2011-01-29 LMC 2x60 sec
2011-01-29 Large Magellanic Cloud 2x60sec
2011-01-29 M37 Star Cluster in Auriga
2011-01-29 M37 Star Cluster In Auriga
2011-01-29 Crux ABD & NGC 4349,4103,4609
2011-01-29 Crux ABD NGC4349 4103 4609
2011-01-29 NGC 104 - 47 Tucanae
2011-01-29 NGC 104 47-Tucanae
2011-01-29 Crux A&B, Jewel Box, NGC 4609
2011-01-29 Crux AB Jewel Box NGC 4609
2011-02-26 Crux 70 mm ISO 3200 3x30 sec DSS PS
2011-02-26 Crux 70mm ISO 3200 3×30 sec dss ps.jpg

All images © R.Powell


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