Iridium Flare

A magnitude -7.0 flare from the left antenna of Iridium 25 satellite on 23rd February 2016.


2016-02-23 mag7 Iridium Flare near Sirius & M46-47 3x8s 50mm f3.2 ISO500 RS PS
2016-02-23 A magnitude 7 Iridium flare. Star cluster M47 is visible (lower centre). Sirius is top left. 3x8s, 50mm, f3.2 ISO 500

Visually this was an eye-catching bright flare, about one hundred times brighter than Sirius, the bright star top left (magnitude -1.5) – the brightest star in the entire night sky.

This image consists of three stacked exposures, each of eight seconds duration and a delay of around one second between each.

This flare was accurately predicted for my location by The satellite was 791 km above Earth and 904 km from the camera.

All images © R.Powell


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