Sunset at the Observing Field

Clouds can spoil our observing nights but they make great sunsets.

We call our observing site “Stargard”. It was named after another property, near Picton, SW Sydney, which was granted to early colonial astronomer Carl Ludwig Christian Rümker. He named it after his birthplace, in Germany.

2016-04-02 Stargard Finderscopes
2016-04-02 Stargard: Finderscopes
2016-04-02 Stargard Field
2016-04-02 First to Arrive at Stargard Field
2016-04-02 Stargard Scope Ready
2016-04-02 Stargard: Scope Set Up & Ready
2016-04-02 Stargard Noel Red Sky
2016-04-02 Stargard: Noel & Red Sky
2016-04-02 Stargard Sunset
2016-04-02 Stargard Sunset

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