With many Autumn bushfire hazard reduction burns being carried out around Sydney, I have been looking for opportunities to image the Sun near the horizon. These are the best I have obtained so far.

Look carefully at the first image below and you will see giant sunspot AR2546. It may only look relatively small compared with the Sun’s huge diameter of 1,392,530 km but it is big enough to swallow Earth twice. The sunspot’s dark core is more than 25,000 km wide!

2016-05-22 Low Sun with Giant Sunspot AR2546
2016-05-22 Low Sun With Giant Sunspot AR2546
2016-05-22 Setting Sun
2016-05-22 Setting Sun
2016-05-22 Low Sun
2016-05-22 Low Sun

Warning: never look at the Sun through the viewfinder. Always compose your images using the camera monitor.

All images © R.Powell


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