Perigee Moon

This hype filled world:

Tell people that the Moon will be at “perigee” tonight and they will change the subject.

Tell them that there will also be a “full moon” tonight and and their eyes will glaze over.

Invent the term “Super Moon” and suddenly everyone is an astronomer!

Full Moon is probably the worst time to take Lunar shots but with all the hype about the so-called “Super Moon” I decided to join the multitudes and take a few shots myself, because any time is a good time for doing astronomy!

Despite the dire weather forecast, the clouds suddenly (and unexpectedly) parted, as if on cue and it sure seemed bright.

Canon 60D – the image above at 35mm, the two images below were taken with a 600mm lens but were both cropped differently:

2016-11-14 Perigee Full Moon 600mm
2016-11-14 Perigee Moon 600mm from video clip

My best Full Moon photograph was taken a month ago through my telescope and appears on  > This Blog Post <

All images © R.Powell


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