Wide Field Views

2016-11-03: Moon crescent 3 days, taken from Leumeah, NSW.
2016-11-03: Venus (top left), forms a pretty triangle with the Moon (with earthshine) and Saturn (just above the tree). Shot taken at Leumeah.
2016-11-03: Venus (left) and the Moon (with earthshine). Leumeah.
2016-11-05: a wide field view showing most of the Orion constellation, including the Orion Nebula (M42). Image taken at The Oaks through the light pollution of Sydney.
2016-11-0: a crescent Moon with Venus – just left of centre in this wide field image at The Oaks.
2016-11-05: a very bright Venus setting in Sagittarius, with M7, M6, M8, M20, M23 at The Oaks.
2016-11-05 A bright Moon setting beyond the trees at The Oaks, NSW.
2016-11-05 a wide field view of the Milky Way in Sagittarius, with M7 M6 M8 M20 & M23. Taken at The Oaks, NSW.

All images © R.Powell


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