Southern Skies

Some of my recent astro-images with the Canon 60D camera – no telescope and no light pollution filter.

The star trail image was taken from The Oaks at our dark sky site. The remainder were taken at home (in suburbia) with all its associated light pollution.

2017-02-22: Orion’s Belt – 25 x 45s; 135mm; f/5; ISO320 with sidereal tracking. An uncropped image showing the three belt stars, Minaka, Alnilam and Alnitak and the Orion Nebula M42.
2016-11-03 Venus (left) and the crescent Moon.
2017-02-22: Centaurus A galaxy and the relatively close giant Omega Centauri globular cluster – 25 x 45sec; 135mm; f/3.5 ISO 400. A tracked and uncropped image. Both of these objects lie well beyond our own Milky Way galaxy.
2017-01-22: Star trail image of the meridian near the celestial equator – Orion & Sirius region – 76 x 30sec; 19mm; f3.5; ISO1000. This shot was almost what I wanted to achieve – but not quite. I wanted a much more symmetrical “hour glass”star trailing pattern but my aim was a bit too nonchalant and so I plan to make a second attempt sometime soon, possibly with a wider focal length lens.
2017-02-22: Orions Belt – 25 x 45s; 135mm; f/5; ISO320, tracked. This is a cropped and enlarged section of  one of the above images, showing the three stars of Orion’s Belt (Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak). A satellite streak is clearly shown, as is the Flame Nebula NGC 2024. A discerning look will also reveal the Horsehead Nebula Barnard 33, above and to the right of Alnitak, lurking in front of the huge but faint pink nebulosity of hydrogen gas.
2017-02-22: Crux constellation – 25 x 45s; 135mm; f4.5; ISO 400, tracked. The entire constellation fitted snugly into the 135mm fixed lens field of view without any cropping. The Milky Way and the “Jewel Box” star cluster NGC 4755 are easily visible in this shot which is featured at the top of the page.

All images © R.Powell

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