Centaurus A 


NGC 5128, a peculiar galaxy – possibly the result of two merged galaxies – bisected by a very prominent dust lane. It is a radio emission galaxy with an active nucleus, located just 4° from Omega Centauri.

Visual magnitude +6.8; apparent diameter about 26 x 20 arc-min (approaching a moon-width) but not all shown in this image; estimated diameter 90,000 light years; distance 12 million light years.


Exposure: 3 x 4min, ISO 200.
Gear: Skywatcher ED120 refractor, 840mm f/l, f/7, Canon EOS 60D.
No filter, no darks, no flattener.
Location & date: Leumeah, NSW, three days prior to full Moon. (2017-07-06).

Image © R.Powell




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