Lagoon Nebula

M8, a nebula in Sagittarius, the Lagoon Nebula.


Exposure: 3 x 4 min  ISO 800
Gear: Skywatcher ED120 refractor, 840mm f/l, f/7, Canon EOS 60D. No filter, no flattener
Location: Leumeah, NSW
Date: 2017-07-25


Messier 8, NGC 6523 & NGC 6533
Visual magnitude: +6.0
Apparent diameter: 90 x 40 arc-min
Actual diameter: 114 light years
Distance: 4,300 light years

Image © R.Powell



  1. Hi Richard,

    Yes, I am using an Orion Short Tube 80mm f/5 guidescope with an Orion Starshoot guide camera.

    I am not using a reducer because the new ED120 I am using has a nice wide field and is giving me plenty of objects to shoot. I did use a reducer on my old LX-90 and I haven’t ruled out using one on this scope at some future time.

    The ED120 came with its own field flattener which I have yet to use.



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