Venus Back in the Evening Twilight

Our neighbouring planet Venus recently returned to the evening sky and will dominate the Western sky after sunset until Ocober.


Magnitude: -3.9
Apparent diameter: 11.6 arc-sec
Illumination: 88%
Altitude: 5° 22′
Physical diameter 12,104 km (0.95 x Earth)
Mass: O.815 x Earth
Distance: 214.4 million km (1.43 AU, 11.92 light minutes)


Camera: Canon 60D on tripod.
Focal length: 50mm
Exposure: 2.5 sec.
Focal ratio: f/6.3.
ISO: 100


Date: 2018-05-04
Time: 6.11 pm
Location: Leumeah, NSW
Sky: mostly clear.

Image © R.Powell


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