The crescent Moon and the planet Venus.

The dark side of the Moon is illuminated by sunlight reflecting off the Earth.

Venus (upper right) is 3º 55′ away from the Moon, (centre to centre), in the constellation of Cancer. The bright star (top centre) is the triple star Tegmine (mag +4.7).

2018-06-16 Moon & Venus
Moon and Venus.


Age: 2.8 days (waxing)
Magnitude: -5.1
Illumination: 8.7%
Apparent Size: 33.3 arc-min.
Physical diameter: 3475 km.
Mass: 0.0123 x Earth
Distance: 358967 km
Altitude: 18º 12′


Magnitude: -4.0
Illumination: 75.3%
Apparent size: 14.3 arc-sec
Physical diameter 12,104 km (0.95 x Earth)
Mass: 0.815 x Earth
Distance: 174.6 million km (1.17 AU, 9.71 light minutes)
Altitude: 19° 39′


Camera: Canon 60D on tripod.
Lens: Tamron 70-200mm


Date: 2018-06-17
Time: 6.11 pm
Location: Leumeah, NSW
Sky: mostly clear.
Focal length: 70mm (upper); 200mm (lower)
Exposure: 5 sec (upper); 0.5 (lower).
Focal ratio: f/6.3.
ISO: 100
Cropped: yes

Image © R.Powell



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