Saturn Near Full Tilt

Saturn’s rings are at their widest tilt for the year this month (September 2018), at 26.3°, just short of last year’s maximum tilt of 26.98° (October 2017).

The planet was at opposition just two months ago (15th June 2018) and is still a grand view through the eyepiece.

This image was composed from a four minute video exposure, using the digital crop feature of my DSLR camera. I took a second video using a 2x Barlow but the resulting image was inferior to the above.


Visual magnitude: +0.4
Apparent diameter: 17.0 arc-sec
Actual diameter: 120,536 km
Distance: 9.8 AU
Altitude: 45°


Exposure: 12,054 frames @ 640×480 @ 50fps.
Date: 2018-09-11
Location: Leumeah, NSW
Sky: suburban, clear but some smoke and high haze. (I had difficulties picking out 1st magnitude Altair during the alignment procedure).
Processing: Pipp, VirtualDub, Registax5, GIMP.
Cropping: digital crop.

Telescope: Meade LX-90, 2000mm focal length, f/10 focal ratio.
Mount: Alt-Az.
Camera: Canon EOS 60D.
No filter, no flattener, no barlow.

Image © R.Powell



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