Planetary Nebula in M46 – Sequel

Following my recent post showing a well known planetary nebula (NGC 2438) in the open star cluster M46, I was contacted by another astronomer who claimed that there are two other PNs in M46. This surprised me and I asked him to advise the designations, so I could look them up.

He responded by marking the objects on a photo, although he did not advise the designations. So I was sceptical – until I located them both on my own image.

I did some research and found the two additional objects are:

PK 231+4.1
AKA: Minkowski 1-18; PNG231.4+04.3; W44
Magnitude: 14.0
Dia: 0.5′
RA:     07 : 42 : 55.07
Dec:  -14 : 23: 58.4

OH 231.84 +4.22
AKA: Rotten Egg nebula or Calabash nebula
Magnitude: 9.5
Dia: 1′
RA:     07 : 42 : 16.83
Dec:  -14 : 42 : 52.1

The image above is my own, with PK 231+4.1 and OH 231.84 +4.22 circled.

I then discovered here that yet another PN is also in the vicinity of M46 – but sadly it fell just outside my FOV. It is:

BMP J0739-1418 or PN G231.1+03.9.
AKA: PN G231.1+0.3.9
Magnitude:  +15
Dia:     2.5′
RA:      07 39 50.5577980710
Dec:   -14 18 25.880005865

So M46, apparently, has not just one – but four planetaries.


My planetary nebula portfolio

My gear.

Image © R.Powell



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