Forgotten But Remembered – 1

Sun Dog, Star Trails, and a Globular Cluster

Please click to enlarge.

This post is the first of two which will consist of rescuing from oblivion some of the images that I’ve taken in the past but for whatever reason did not include in a post. These four are from 2017-2019.

Both star trail images were taken with my Canon 60D. I always enjoyed taking star trails, provided I took care to keep the lens dew free.

They do help visualise the how the hourly motion of stars varies in different regions of the sky. I didn’t realise it was so long since I’d captured star trails, so look out for more to come!

The Sun dog was taken with my 60D with a focal length of 135 mm. It is always 22° from the Sun and is created by refraction in ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Astronomers will sometimes invert images because it tends to bring out more detail in fuzzy looking objects. It works best with comet tails but also with other objects like this globular cluster. The original 47-Tucanae image can be seen > Here <

Thank you very much for looking.


  1. I’m glad you found these gems. I enjoy star trails, too. I had some short ones last Saturday with an ISS pass. And the cluster is really loaded with stars. Amazing what that would look like if you were within it.

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    1. I have wondered that, Jim, especially near the centre, where star density means separation is measured in astronomical units rather than light years. In the unlikely event of a star system being stable enough to form a planetary system and evolve intelligent life, there would be very little evidence of the universe around them and beyond. Nice place to go but I wouldn’t want to live there!


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