2020-10-23 Moon Jupiter & Saturn

Moon, Saturn, Jupiter

There have been a lot of cloudy nights recently. Tonight was no exception, so it was not worth getting the telescope set up – but there were some clear patches and the Moon looked inviting for a while, with Saturn and Jupiter in attendance.

So out came the under-utilised camera and tripod.

As far as conjunctions go, this was not particularly close, with Saturn 4° and Jupiter 9° from the over- exposed Moon but it was ideal for my 50mm fixed lens.

Pluto is currently located midway between Saturn and Jupiter but due to the very short exposure, the image shows no background stars at all, let alone a fourteenth magnitude dwarf-planet!


Image date: 2020-10-23
Exposure: 1 sec., f/5.6, ISO 160. Cropped.
Imaging camera: Canon 60D on tripod with 50mm lens.
Software: Gimp.
Observatory location: 34° South.
The Seven Best Southern Sky Objects


  1. I went outside and saw it (a bit closer here than there, it looked like, but I could be remembering wrong).

    I meant to take a photo, but stuff got in the way . . . but I have a memory which, often, gets more enhanced than an actual photo.

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  2. It is always a challenge to see those familiar objects in your sky. I have to rotate my head nearly 90˚.
    Lots of clouds here for the coming week. And it will be cold.

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    1. I felt like I had to rotate my head too. If asked, I would have estimated the Moon to be at 85° but it was really at only 63°.

      The mind plays tricks on us. Anything over about sixty degrees seems like it is vertical.

      It makes me wonder how three wise men could have determined a star was directly over a particular spot.


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