Light Show

2020-11-12 Electrical Storm 1

Electrical Storm

We seem to have been getting our seasonal thunderstorms a bit earlier this year but they have been at inconvenient times for photography – either during daylight or early morning – until this storm romped across late yesterday evening – and I was able to watch it heading in from the Blue Mountains from my front veranda while the camera was accumulating about 120 frames.

It was mostly cloud strikes, I don’t think I saw any ground strikes at all this time.

I usually use a wide angle lens when I capture lightning but this time I chose a narrower field of view with the idea of capturing closer views, at the risk of missing more strikes outside the field.

All images were taken with my Canon EOS 60D and Sigma fixed 50mm lens, exposed for 25 seconds at ISO 100, f/5.6, with one second intervals.

In any storm I am always happy so long as I get just one decent image. The evening produced a haul of seven images from six successful frames. The above feature image was uncropped while those below were all cropped.

All images taken 2020-11-13

Images Β© Roger Powell

Thanks very much for looking. Best regards from Australia! πŸ™ƒ


  1. Very nice. I’m going to have to try long exposures to capture strikes. I had considered buying the automatic trigger, but it’s pretty costly for the limited use I’d get from it.

    Question . . . was the camera outside or were you shooting through glass?

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    1. I shoot lightning from the safety of my front veranda, it faces West where most incoming storms come from but I have successfully shot through a window.

      I sometimes use a lightning trigger – which is good to have in the toolbox – but I get the best results from just shooting long exposures in night conditions using an intervalometer.

      The trigger is more useful in lighter conditions when very short exposures are required. I paid about $100AU for it.


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  2. It’s hard to catch lighting in photos, especially in the electronic age. Thanks for sharing how!


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