Triple Grand Conjunction

Definition of a Triple Grand Conjunction: When Jupiter and Saturn are in perfect alignment with the clouds in your sky.

Roger Powell, 20th December 2020

After fourteen successive overcast evenings, I was desperate to capture the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn through some predicted small gaps in the low level clouds. The separation between the two planets would be a mere 11 arc-minutes, which would easily fit into my telescope field of view.

I had the scope set up and ready to go. I wasn’t feeling very optimistic – just desperate.

The Five Stages of Desperation:

Desperation and Anticipation.
Materialisation and Obscuration.

So I was thwarted yet again. Although there were gaps, they revealed only a thick high level haze beyond – and a very fuzzy crescent Moon. No planets. Not even a star.


That’s how fourteen consecutive cloudy nights became fifteen – and now as I write this a day later- sixteen.

Images © Roger Powell

I’m a founder member of Macarthur Astronomical Society


  1. Hi, I still like looking at your photos even if it is frustrating for you. I do not think I will be able so see the conjunction either. It too overcast.
    Thanks for your work. Fran

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      1. We got lucky in the afternoon. Skies cleared. I set up with a friend behind his house out of the wind. Remarkable to see both planets and 4 Galilean moons all together in the same field. I hope you got a break.

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        1. I spotted them tonight, very low, after a break in the clouds, just as they were dipping behind a tree. I got some video to process tomorrow but I’m not too hopeful of the quality.

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