The Silvery Moon

2021-03-24 Moon 11 Days

The most photographed object on Earth….

….is the Moon.

I read it on WordPress, so it has to be true.
The Moon at twelve days past New Moon.
Image © Roger Powell
2021-01-16 3 day old Moon
3 day old Moon.
Image © Roger Powell
Not quite symmetrical.
The Moon over my neighbour’s garage. New Moon + 12 days.
Image © Roger Powell
Perigee Full Moon 35mm
It didn’t look any bigger!
Image © Roger Powell
Some people even take pictures of the Moon on their television set.
First M
en on the Moon.
Image ©
copyright Roger Powell 1969.

Images © Roger Powell

I’m a founder member of Macarthur Astronomical Society


    1. I was wondering if articles that talk about the Moon, like about the Moon landings use the northern hemisphere photo or what people see in the southern hemisphere. I loved seeing the ‘upside down’ moon in Kenya and Honduras. And the Moon skimming along the horizon in Alaska.

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      1. Most people who cross the Equator probably wouldn’t notice which way the Moon faces. When I came to Oz the first thing I did was check out the sky. Seeing it from one of the Poles would be interesting.

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    1. Thanks.
      Sometimes I curse the Moon at night and would like to shoot it down. Other times it’s my friend.
      Yes, I follow xkcd on Twitter but I miss a lot of them. Good humour.

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  1. One of my favorite objects. It follows predictable behavior and gives some stability to my world. I’m glad we have it. Two or three would be even more interesting.

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    1. One old friend, that keeps popping around once a month, is enough for me.
      However, we need to be grateful it does so. The Moon is almost certainly one of the ingredients of life developing on this planet in the way that it has.

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    1. Yes I’ve seen that awesome mosaic. It is another demonstration that some dedicated top-end amateur astro-photographers can produce research quality images that professional astronomers can only dream of.

      I’m not sure if I have twelve years of astro-photography left available to me but even so I am sure that I am not in that class. I’d like his dome if I had a place to put it.

      Other specialist amateurs also play a huge part in comet detection, supernova detection, variable star monitoring, stellar spectrography, planetary observations and more. They have my admiration.

      I had a couple of clear nights (under a full Moon) last week and I may even get an evening of imaging under a darker sky before I go into hospital. So I may have some modest images to process when I am convalescing and banned from my telescope.


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