Last Quarter Moon

Lunar Phases

The last quarter Moon is the phase which is the least often seen by most of us because it either rises in the East after we’ve gone to bed or sets in the West during the morning daylight, when it isn’t obviously visible.

If you were standing in daylight on the Moon at this time you would be witnessing the slow approach of sunset.

I took the above image the day before last quarter, so it still shows some Gibbousosity. 🤔

Last quarter is the phase which amateur astronomers enjoy the most. It signals the disappearance of the full moon from the evening sky and the return of darker skies.

Image date:2021-04-03.
Exposure:1/10th second, f/40, ISO 100.
Camera:Canon 60D & 600mm lens, mounted on tripod.
Lunar Phases.
By Andonee from Wikimedia Commons.

Images © Roger Powell (except where stated otherwise)

I’m a founder member of Macarthur Astronomical Society


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