Moonset Projection


A Photographic Exhibition

Campbelltown Arts Centre

This projected Moonset image was taken in Ocober 2010 when Macarthur Astronomical Society held our first ever public photographic display at the Campbelltown Arts Centre, in conjunction with a broader Cambelltown City Council event, probably the Fisher’s Ghost Festival. We called the event “Magnitude” and had plenty of visitors.

The tree silhouettes are not Arts Centre obstructions, they are part of my actual lunar photograph. Here is the original image, taken earlier that year:

2010-02-17 Setting Crescent Moon between the trees at our Stargard observing field – original.

It was a week long exhibition. The exhibition closed at 5 pm but the broader festivities out in the street carried on for the rest of the evenings. So we provided the Arts Centre with a DVD containing members photos, which they sequentially projected on to a huge external wall near the main entrance. The above image was one of my inclusions.

One of the image walls at Magnitude, an astro-photography exhibition by Macarthur Astronomical Society in 2010



I’ve been in hospital recently for major scheduled surgery and have been told I will require at least six weeks home rest and recuperation. My Bride is watching me like a hawk so I may have no choice about that.

Fortunately I managed a couple of imaging sessions beforehand, so I might be able to post some pictures over the next few weeks but I’ll leave those until I feel a bit more able to process them and see if they turned out.

Thanks for looking!

Images ยฉ Roger Powell

I’m the webmaster of Macarthur Astronomical Society and a founder member.


  1. Projection of the images was a good idea. I felt it was rather quiet from your side of the world lately. Glad to hear you are coming around and thinking of some new images to share.

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  2. I look at your image and the words โ€œneatly nestled โ€œ comes to mind. Hoping you find yourself similarly comforted in your convalescence, as you gradually get recovered, ….fully recovered from your surgery. M ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Sorry I missed this. Hope you are recovering nicely!
    Great idea for a photo exhibition.
    Have you every directly projected a lunar image through the telescope? (Like we do with the Sun.)
    I keep thinking I’ll have to try that someday, but my dob tube doesn’t rotate in its mount, so the eyepiece is always pointing the same direction from the scope. I’d love to project a full moon in focus on a wall.

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