Full Moon Rising

Lunar Diameter:
29.6 arc-min
Image field of view:
6.6° approx
Image date:

Quite an eventful night!

First I went outside at sunset to make a second attempt at finding bright Comet Leonard, properly named as C/2021 A1 (Leonard), near the planet Venus. The clouds looked a bit iffy in the West but Venus was visible. It was still light, so I turned my attention to the near Moon, which was just clearing the rooftops in the opposite direction.

It was effectively a full Moon (just eleven hours to go) and I caught it while it was shining golden through the atmosphere and again after it had risen a bit higher and turned more silvery.

Silvery Moon

When I finished shooting the Moon, Venus had completely disappeared behind some fast gathering storm clouds and with it all hope of finding the comet were gone. ☄

Back indoors again but….

….within an hour I was outside again, taking pictures of a cracker of an electrical storm, which lasted two hours.

Images to follow. 🌩⚡🌩

Cosmic Focus Observatory

34° South

Above us only sky….


Imaging camera:Canon 60D, hand held
Lens:Tamron 70-200mm @ 200mm
Exposure1/250th sec, f/2.8, ISO 400

Images © Roger Powell
G’day from Dow Nunder

🙃 I’m one of the founder members of Macarthur Astronomical Society

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