2021 Review: Post 3 of 3

Deep Sky

Post 1 of 3 (Solar System)Post 2 of 3 (Deep Sky)

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My apologies for the self-indulgence of these three “Annual Review” posts.
Thanks for your visits, likes and comments throughout the year!

Best wishes to all my readers for a better 2022!

Cosmic Focus Observatory

34° South

Above us only sky….


Images © Roger Powell

🙃 That’s it. This year has ended. Except for the fireworks.


    1. Perhaps you’re right, those two are very popular objects among amateur astronomers.

      Thanks very much for all your comments and conversations during the year. I’ll be over to checkout your teapots soon…


      1. You are welcome, and I should thank you for all the informative content you post.

        As for the teapots . . . honestly, my blog is all over the place as far as content, so my advice to readers is this:

        Don’t feel you have to visit unless the subject interests you. I’m perfectly fine with the realization that not all I publish is of interest to readers who follow my blog, and I’d rather they don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t interest them.

        Unless you tell me you also collected teapots and teacups …

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        1. Always happy to have a look at your varied photography and occasional well deserved rant!

          When I was newly wedded, I bought my bride a set of “Old Country Roses” fine china dinner set and have added to it through the years. It’s never been used and sits in it’s glass display cabinet for everyone to walk past without looking.

          I’d be the first to admit that my own blog is narrowly and deliberately focused on one topic and I don’t expect hits and comments to go through the roof when I have the Hubble Space Telescope to contend with. Maybe I should rant a bit more…

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        2. As I recall, you have the occasional rant.

          As for hits and comments, I have a very small core of people I would consider “regulars” … and I’m not competing with Hubble.

          We have some Spode Rose china we’re going to try and sell on eBay . . . once we get ourselves worked up and dive into the selling stuff on eBay mode. Have some other things as well, including a few lenses.

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          1. Yes, I suppose I must admit to the occasional “mini-rant” being slipped in. It’s hard to resist sometimes. Mostly about covid. I can feel another one coming on….

            I never expected to get as many followers as I have now, modest number that it is. None of them are family. Only a couple are known to me. I would have happily carried on even without any followers! I just like writing about the objects which I image. I suspect you would too?


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          2. Yeah, most of what I do is for my pleasure, although I have 3-4 followers who have been pretty loyal, so they must get something from what I offer that keeps them coming back.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures, I still think you should put together a coffee table book of pics, I’d be proud to show them to anyone 🙂

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    1. Thanks NM for your comment.

      ☺ I am flattered and I remember you suggested that once before. Thank you!

      I’m not sure if I could compete with the Hubble Space Telescope (which itself will soon have competition from the newly launched James Webb Telescope)!

      Best wishes for 2022.


    1. Thank you Fran. Best wishes to you for the new year, although the World seems to be about to get off to another bad start. Let’s hope the huge surge in omicron numbers that we are currently witnessing is the beginning of the end of this pandemic.

      Thank you for your comments, I’m glad you like my pictures of our amazing Universe.


  2. Beautiful images. I especially like the blue in Cleopatra’s Eye. And, your wide view of M16 compliments the close view by Hubble years ago. May you see many more sights in 2022. I look forward to seeing them here on your blog.

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    1. Hi Jim, thanks for all your visits and comments. Capturing Cleopatra’s Eye is probably my highlight. Planetary nebulae have been high on my agenda since I put the Schmidt-Cassegrain onto my equatorial mount. Such exquisite and short-lived objects!

      Best wishes.

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