Carina Nebula

The biggest, brightest, most photogenic nebula visible in the Southern Hemisphere!

Image exposure:
29.5 Minutes
Image Size:
2.12º x 1.41º
Image date:

The Carina Nebula NGC 3372, also known as Caldwell 92, is the biggest, brightest, most photogenic nebula visible in the Southern Hemisphere. The diameter is about 120 arc-minutes, which is the diameter of four full Moons and it lies about 8,500 light years from Earth.

Because of its position, just thirty degrees from the South Celestial Pole, the Carina Nebula is visible in the night sky from the South Pole up to thirty degrees North.

If you thought M42 is big, compare it with Carina: Carina is six times more distant than M42 but appears double the size!

Angular Diameter
Actual Diameter
light years
light years
M42 Orion Nebula65×60241,344
NGC 3372 Carina Nebula120 × 1202308,500

The Carina Nebula In The Sky Down Under

🔹 Images © Roger Powell
🔹 Esprit 120 refractor.
🔹 Focal length: 1680 mm.
🔹 EQ6-R Pro mount.
🔹 ZWO-Duo band filter.

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Images copyright R. Powell



  1. Nice image! We’re jealous up here we don’t have anything quite like that. Orion nebula is great but a distant second place finish :). I will have to go down there sometime to check it out for sure!

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    1. Thanks. I was hoping for a longer exposure time to bring out more detail but it wasn’t to be. However, different optical train and different filter attached, so that helped.

      Liked by 1 person

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