To display my astro-photography and electrical storm images to the world.

By doing so, I hope to improve my techniques and perhaps inspire others who may be curious about the vast Cosmos.

Not every astro image can be photogenic. None will be as good as the Hubble Space Telescope.

Not every image will be a photographic masterpiece. Some images will be about finding very tiny and distant objects.


Why ‘Ggreybeard‘? Why the double G?

Because, in a world of many ‘Greybeards‘, there is only one ‘Ggreybeard‘!

My websites

Cosmic FocusTHIS amateur astronomy website.
Campbelltown FocusMy City of Campbelltown, NSW.
Above Us Only SkyBlogging focused on astronomy, current affairs and what @#$@%^ cheeses me off.
@Cosmicfocus1  Amateur astronomy Twitter feed dedicated to this site. Mostly automated.
@Ggreybeard My personal wisdom in 280 characters or less. 
Flickr My photographic gallery.
Citizen ScienceDonating my computer’s idle time to science projects.


You may direct link to any of my pages or images, provided that they are attributed and not taken out of context. Your courtesy advice would be appreciated.


You may not copy or reproduce my images or posts without my written permission. If I subsequently give permission, it will be subject to attribution appearing with the photograph.

You may not alter the appearance of my images.

All images © R.Powell except where stated otherwise.


My acknowledgements to the late John Lennon and his brilliant song ‘Imagine’ for inspiring the sub-title to this site.