Moon at Six Days

Object Details: Moon¬†Visual magnitude: -9.1 Apparent diameter: 30.2 arc min Actual diameter: 3475 km Distance: 395,908 km New Moon: +6.2 … More

Moon Horn

Looking a bit like a golden rhinoceros horn – this¬†Lunar crescent was half-obscured by clouds forming¬† above the western horizon, … More

Waxing Moon

A nine day-old Moon, 73.5% illuminated. Image Details: Exposure:¬†0.0125s; ISO100 Gear: Meade LX-90, 2000mm f/l; f/10; 0.62 reducer; Canon EOS … More

Moon Haze

So much cloud lately has limited the amount of astronomy opportunities. This full moon image was taken through a lot … More

Crescent Moon

Lunar crescent, five days old,¬†captured at The Oaks, NSW, 5th November 2016. Canon 60D with 200mm lens, tripod mounted. 1/30th … More

First Quarter Moon

Last¬†night’s First Quarter Moon, taken with my Canon 60D DSLR camera fitted with a 600mm zoom lens. No telescope required … More


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