List Assist

Which comets are up? Where do I find a list of planetary nebulae? How do I view the latest plots of a variable star? When’s the next……………………….

It’s all here in a four-part compendium of calculators, catalogues, lists and astro-event simulators, useful for amateur astronomers.

1. Solar System

Planets:SimulatorPlanet Calcs
Wikipedia List
Sun, Earth & Moon:EclipseSun Calcs
Space WeatherMoon Calcs
SOHO ImagesApplet
SSSBs:Comet ChaserComet Visibility
Comet CalcsComet Live
Comet VisiblityAsteroid Visibility
Minor PlanetsMinor Planet Checker
Earth Impact CalcInt. Meteor Org
Earth Satellites:ISS Sydney (NASA)Human Space Flight

3. Stars

Star Lists:Bright Star List (Alcyone)Proper Star
Names (Wikiedia)
Constellation Star List (Wikipedia)Lists of Stars (Wikipedia)
List of Nearest
Stars (Wikipedia)
Star Extremes
List (Wikipedia)
Star Catalogues:V. Bright Guide Star
Cat. (ARVAL)
Guide Star
Catalogue (ARVAL)
SAO Data Base (Astrometry)SAO Data Base
Double Star Catalogues:Deep Sky Double Star Data BaseWashington Double
Star Catalogue
Variable Stars:ASAS Data BaseGCVS Catalogue
AAVSO Curve Plots

4. Miscellaneous

Constellations:Heavens Above: ConstellationsRASNZ Constellations
Constellation Guide
The Constellations
Event Calendars:Celestial Calendar
‘Skycal’ Events
Calculator (NASA)
Miscellaneous:Catalogue List
Supernovae List
Supernovae Remnant
List (Wikipedia)
STScI Digitised
Sky Survey
Simbad Astronomical
Data Base


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