2015-12-14 Geminid Meteor passing Aldebran in Taurus. The Pleidaes are lower left and the Orion constellation is upper right. 
(15 sec exposure, 24 mm, f/1.8, ISO 1000). 
Frame size 74 degrees x 53 degrees.


2015-12-14 Geminid Meteor Aldebran in Taurus cropped
2015-12-14: Geminid Meteor Aldeberan in Taurus cropped.
2012-07-18: Iridium flare mag 7.6


2013-09-29: Aircraft passes so-called “Southern Pleiades” in Carina.


2015-09-04 ISS flyover

2015-09-04: ISS rising.


2016-02-23: Magnitude 7 Iridium flare near Sirius M46-47 – 3 x 8 sec, 50mm, f/3.2, ISO 500.

All images © R.Powell


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