2016-05-23 Midday Sunspot AR2546 With Camera and Solar Filter
2016-05-23: Midday Sunspot AR2546 – with Camera on tripod and solar filter.
2016-05-22 Low Sun with Giant Sunspot AR2546
2016-05-22: Low sun with giant sunspot AR2546
2012-01-02 Solar 500th Sec
2012-01-02: Solar disc with my Lunt solar scope.
2013-05-10: Partial Solar Eclipse with Meade LX90 telescope.
2013-06-05 Sun Setting
2013-06-05: Sun setting beyond hazy clouds.
2012-06-06 Venus Transit
2012-06-06: a rare Venus Transit across the face of the Sun.
2010-08-06 Sunspots 1092 & 1093
2010-08-06: Sunspots 1092 & 1093.
2013-05-10: Partial Solar Eclipse with Lunt Solar telecope.

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