Star Trails

2016-05-03 Star Trails 2 ps
2016-05-03 Star Trails looking North from The Oaks: Canon 60D, 105x30sec, f/4, ISO1250
2016-04-06 Star Trails West 50min
2016-04-06 Star Trails looking West, Leumeah, NSW. Canon 60D.
2016-03-07 Star Trails PS
2016-03-07 Southern Star Trails, Leumeah, NSW. Canon 60D.
2013-10-26 Star Trails
2013-10-26 Circumpolar Southern Star Trails at The Oaks, NSW with the Magellanic Clouds prominent..
2013-09-29  Southern Star Trails
2013-09-29 Southern Star Trails at The Oaks, NSW.
2017-04-23 Meridian Star Trails
Field of view approximately 98º x 75º. Exposed at f/4.5, ISO 640. Total duration of trails: 50.5 minutes, consisting of 98 x 25 second exposures taken 5 seconds apart. 3 polluted images discarded – hence some gaps in the trails. Tamron 10mm lens on Canon 60D camera. Images stacked in StarStaX. The brightest trail is the planet Jupiter and the bright trail above it is Spica. North is bottom right, South is top.
2018-02-27 Southern star-trails at Ulladulla
2018-01-18 Telescopic Star Trails in Carina
2017-01-22 Meridian Near Celestial Equator – Orion & Sirius – 76x30sec 19mm f3.5 ISO1000

All images © R.Powell

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