Why ‘Ggreybeard‘? Why the double G?

I started using the online name ‘Greybeard‘ maybe 10-12 years ago to pass on the impression that I was not a youngster any more but after a few years it became clear to me that there were too many others on the web using my name.


Many people would have stuck a number on the end but I didn’t fancy the idea of calling myself ‘Greybeard99‘. I wanted to be a name without numbers and I think the catalyst was seeing a ‘Lleyton‘ or maybe a ‘Lloyd‘ in the news somewhere. That struck a chord with me but maybe it was also because it seemed more llyrical.

Either way, in a world of many ‘Greybeards‘, there is only one ‘Ggreybeard‘!


  1. Hi Roger, I use Will because my name is William, even though everyone calls me Bill. My surname is Reed and the funniest thing is when ordering from my local Chinese takeaway, they have their regular customers stored on the system, so when you call them they can answer the call with your name, I’m always answered with, Ah hello Mystery.


    1. LOL

      Don’t get me started on those pesky computerised telephone answering systems!

      Designed to frustrate customers by sending us in circles through inadequate recorded menu items and failing to understand our spoken responses. Back in the day a telephonist would put you straight through!

      PS I’m doing even less astronomy than you are these days……


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